Equipment Repair

Certified Motorola Technician

Repairing your Two-Way radio equipment is our most cost saving alternative. Other communications dealers push the sale of new equipment, but commonly radio equipment only needs an inexpensive repair to bring it to specs and have it perform like new.

What makes us different from other radio shops? We offer COMPONENT LEVEL REPAIR. Other radio shops will deem equipment unrepairable if the problem is not an easy fix. We don't let that stop us! If there is any way to save your equipment, Lone Mountain Communications will not only save it, but make it work like new. Plus, we offer attractive warranties on our repairs. We also use ESD static protection at all phases of repair.

Lone Mountain Communications also services various models that the Motorola repair depot no longer supports.

Our clientele even includes other Motorola, Kenwood, and Icom radio dealers around the United States. These clients prefer to send their equipment to us rather than the factory depots. We exceed the competition in pricing, turnaround time and warranty policies.

So don't throw out that old equipment or buy new without consulting with us first. Your equipment might just need an inexpensive repair to make it work like new!

Please contact us so we can discuss your needs in this critical area.