RCBS Charge Master 1500 Combo

Repair & Reconditioning

rcbs-chargemaster-combo-system-repairWe offer COMPONENT LEVEL ELECTRONICS REPAIR. Other electronics repair shops will deem equipment unrepairable if the problem is not an easy fix. We don't let that stop us! If there is any way to save your equipment, Lone Mountain Communications will not only save it, but make it perform like new. In addition, we offer attractive warranties on our repairs. We also use ESD static protection at all phases of the repair.

Repairing your RCBS Scale / Dispenser system is our most cost saving alternative compared to purchasing a new unit of the same caliber. Typically the equipment only needs an inexpensive repair to bring it into specifications and have it perform like new.

We have repaired the RCBS Charge Master 1500 Scale / Dispenser combo system from customers all over the world. These clients are referred to us directly by the RCBS manufacturer. The factory depot does not repair this unit any longer so using Lone Mountain Communications as your service facility only makes sense. LMC is the only company that repairs this unit currently. So don't throw out that old equipment or buy new without consulting with us first. Your equipment may just need an inexpensive repair to make it work like new!

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so we can discuss your needs in this critical area.